About Me

Hello, I’m Rob Willemse, allow me to introduce myself.

Since 2017 I’ve been running the succesful web agency ClickActive. https://www.clickactive.nl
A relentless focus on quality, and my lifelong passion of combining technology with creativity. I’ll never stop striving to improve these.

The experience I’ve gathered over the years, guarantees the client the best possible outcome.
The focus is always on increasing their online visibility with proper marketing, SEO, strategy, concept and creation. My business model is focused on quality and short lines of communication. Click Active is also very capable in e-Commerce development.

My business experience includes:

– Web Development
– Online Marketing
– SEO & Strategy
– e-Commerce
– Logos, Brand & Graphic Design
– C# programming
– Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere etc)
– 3D Modeling
– Motion Graphics
– Unity Game Development
– Unity Virtual Reality

For my personal interests I’m growing my skills in programming with C# and Game Development.